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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foam sharks and beautiful souls

I leaned down to catch his words and he told me about the foam shark on his door tag.  It was eating the fish he had drawn all by himself and on the other side he was so proud to show me the fishes bones that had been burped up.  The blow fish and the crab on the bottom were also a part of the intricate story laid out on a little black craft.  The tale he was so eager to tell me and the one that I had to concentrate so hard to decipher.  All of these details, from bones to bubbles in the sea, thought up in that mind of a 9 year old.

61 children came to Vacation Bible School tonight.  Some obedient and attentive, others obstinate and loud, but all of them impressionable and desperately in need of God's love.  

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