favorite things

Monday, July 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things- June 2012

These are our "We're gonna run a half-marathon, we're crazy," faces.  
As you can tell, Seester is  excited and I'm... well, terrified. 
  • Starting to train for the half marathon above sister and I will be running in September.
  • Reading Christy by Catherine Marshall; so, so good for my soul!
  • Starting a family book of one thousand gifts and adding things like 6. piano pieces in the works, 12. Daddy's hair is growing silver and 19. receiving letters. 
  • Celebrating my Daddy-boy.
  • Going to the drive-ins for the first time.
  • Going to a million graduation parties.  Just kidding, I hate those. 
  • Taking pictures of pretty girls in pretty dresses at pretty waterfalls. 
  • Eating Double Caramel Magnum bars. 
  • Reading Romans 15:13


  1. I likes you. And your happy life. And the fact that I get to be part of it.
    And your taste in books and Bible verses.
    And your initiative starting things like gratefulness books and well funds.
    And your good photography skillz.
    And...well, this is getting ridiculous. I'll end here.

  2. Thank you Meredith, and good luck training for the half marathon!!

  3. My best friend is training for a 5k, which I know isn't the same.. either way.. ya'll are great! Good luck!

    Your link on my blog today was so funny, spot on.