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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've decided.

I'm done with this expectation of perfection. With this waiting until I'm a better writer, photographer, and person to share these thoughts and photographs of mine.  

I've watched my favorite bloggers express themselves through beautiful photos and vulnerable, insightful, funny words and wanted that, but only once my photography was fine tuned, this blog layout classy and personalized, and my words ordered and perfected.  But, I have passion and creativity and darn it, I want to let it out.

I didn't take an (intentional) sabbatical, nor do I have an upgraded, fresh blog ready for showcasing.  All I have is some extra drive and a different perspective.  I will never be perfect and neither will this blog.  Somewhere along the line that became my foolish goal and frankly, I'm quite tired of it.  I want to be myself on this blog: spontaneous, energetic, occasionally introspective and filled to the brim with a love for beautiful things.  So I'm going to post and write and capture my life on this blog because it makes me happy.  Because it stretches and encourages me.  Because the reason I stopped myself from doing so, were feelings of apathy and inferiority.  And I'm pretty sure those are stupid things to base my decisions off of.

So here's to a new blog, a me blog.  I'm back y'all.

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  1. YAY! I need Merry posts in my life, I am so glad!
    And guess what, seester-friend? I stayed up late last night writing a post that I thought was too long and not perfect. I nearly saved it as a draft to post when it was perfect, then decided it never would be so oh well.
    I love that we are on the same page at the same time :)