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Saturday, September 1, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things July + August 2012

  • Seeing James Taylor live and watching Taylor Swift walk on stage as the surprise guest.
  • Heading to the top of a hill in the country to talk about boys and God in the sunset with my sister-in-law a week before the wedding. 
  • Friends listening to my troubled heart over toys and curly heads while working in nursery.  
  • Dance parties at sleepovers after watching Step Up.
  • Finding this picture. 
  • Bonfires with blue eyed babies who wear my camera bag better than I do. 
  • Camping trips that involve junk food and fire roasted bagels.  
  • Watching all eighteen episodes of Jane by Design with my sisters.  
  • Spending two weeks under pine trees with my family in Maine.  
  • Watching my brother marry my best friend in the pouring rain.
Photo credit: Sara Davis Photography

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