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Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginnings of Fall

I could see the first signs of autumn in the leaves around me, could hear their satisfying crunch beneath my feet, their quiet rustle in the trees. The air felt clean and crisp. I made my way slowly up the road, trying to absorb the merging greens, yellows, oranges and a few splashes of red. I felt completely and totally happy.

This is what autumn does to me. Maybe it had a little to do with the fact my two older sisters and I made it into the play, Twelve Angry Jurors and we had just found out, but I do think that out of the four seasons, Fall makes me feel most alive. I love seeing the change right before my eyes. I love going apple picking. I love shutting the house up and lighting the candles for Friday night Sabbath dinner. And like I wrote during that walk in the woods the day I found out about drama...

... "I love the sound of rustling leaves. I love color. I love Jarvis.* I love sunshine. I love chirping birds. I love crying with happiness. I love feeling peaceful. I love that I'm in Twelve Angry Jurors with my older sisters. I love Fall. And I might just be convinced to love the person who gave these things to me."

*Jarvis is my new Canon Rebel xsi who is responsible for above pictures and who also has a quite amazing story which I promise to tell at some point.


  1. great photos and moving commentary - you rock girl!!!

  2. You are one of the greatest people God has created. Really. I mean it!

  3. Also, post more awesome photos!

  4. Dude girl, I will. Also, you're pretty darn great yourself.

  5. fall is so happpy!!! seeing pretty leaves makes me wanna dance rave. you're great.