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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of food, family, hugs and happiness

1. Mexican food is absolutely amazing and so is mandarin soda. 2. Oldest Brother is graduated from college! He repeated over and over that he had a great weekend hanging out with those of his family who could make it, but I'm pretty sure we had an even better time! : ) We got a chance to meet some of his teachers at a biology soiree, and while we were there, Oldest Brother let the kids -that includes me!- look at some insects through the microscope. Afterwords, we had a picnic in a gorgeous placed called The Sunken Garden. With food, awesome family, beautiful scenery, a wonderful make-believe game with imaginary bad-guys, and lots of laughter, we passed the afternoon pleasantly. Shortly afterwords, we had arrived at a friends house who lives close to Oldest Brothers, with plans to crash on their living room floor and have a good night's sleep. Those plans played out very nicely and the next morning was a flurry of eating cereal, showering, getting dressed and driving back to Oldest Brother's college for the graduation ceremony or 'Commencement Ceremony'. I suppose giving the graduates their pieces of paper with some words that are none intelligible on it,(a.k.a. Diplomas) is sorta necessary, but they should have had the students do cart-wheels across the stage, or something interesting like that. We did have fun clapping/yelling our heads off when Oldest Brother's name was called and he walked -sadly, no cart-wheeling- across the stage to get his diploma.

To celebrate this great feat of Oldest Brother's, we stuffed our faces with Mexican food and sodas. One of the many foods we enjoyed was a very, very spicy chicken dish that I have long forgotten the name of, but not forgotten the burning sensation it left in my mouth for a while afterwords. Man, was it delicious, but I had a difficult time eating large amounts of it at a time. After the fantastic meal, we drove back to Oldest Brother's apartment and helped him pack some of his stuff so that we could take it home. Hugs were passed all around, before we piled into our very large, black van and headed home again. It is going to be great having Oldest Brother home again, though I'm sure there will be an abundance of his clothes lying around the house very soon....


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  2. The chicken dish was called Chipotle(or chilpotle) Chicken, chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeno pepper, which is what caused the spicy bonfire flavor. Side note, 'Oldest Brother' got the funniest burn I ever did see from his graduation cap. There was a straight line across his forehead, half his forehead was white, and half his forehead was a bright, cherry red. We had quite a laugh at his expense.