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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oceans have always fascinated me because of how little we know about them. Also, the creatures that survive under such pressure and in such different atmospheres than anything we know, are absolutely mind boggling to me. Electric eels, for instance. I'll give you that they look very weird -they have a few pictures on the internet that may help you out-, but can you send brain signals through the nervous system to the electric cells? Then open an ion channel, allowing positively-charged sodium to flow through, reversing the charges momentarily. By causing a sudden difference in voltage you then generate a current? No, I bet you can't. You see, electric eels are quite interesting! (BTW, if you understood that crazy string of sentences including words like 'ion', please tell me at once, because I have no idea what the heck Wikipedia was saying!) I over the fact that they looked slightly creepy quite soon when I learned about the 500 volt shocks they can produce.

Anyway, back my original subject. I've always wanted to learn more about these mysterious oceans because even though man-kind doesn't know much about them, some people know a lot more about this interesting subject than I do and it would be very fun to read books and watch interviews with these oceanographers, as we call them. That is why a certain movie that is in theaters currently, has caught my eye. Upon looking at the trailer of Oceans, I heard some words that were said by one of the said oceanographers that interest me, Sylvia Earle. She said-and you can see for yourself in the link to the trailer I will post-, "Less than five percent of the ocean has been seen by human beings." So, I would like to soak up all the 5% of pictures/videos and excess information before new discoveries so that I will be all caught up! And one of the way I plan on doing that, is by going to see the new movie, Ocean. Anyone care to learn right along with me?

Random, and slightly scatter-brained, I know. But, isn't that what this blog is all about? :)

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