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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


School is going fantastically!!!!!!! I asked Mommy today, why math has been so easy. She said "Well, Meredith. It's because your attitude is so much better this year!!" Yayyyy =] Life is going great! hahahaha

I have felt recently that my bible reading has gotten to the point of "Oh read one Proverbs, tell God thank you, and check of devotions on your list!". That's not how it's supposed to be or how I want it to be!! I was feeling down, though I wasn't sure why. It suddenly hit me! I started reading the new Bible Olympian Club book and am enjoying a lot. For three days now, I've read the scripture, done some sort of "fill in the blank", answered a question about the scripture and my life and prayed. It's simple and not hard to follow!

I'm hoping and praying that the other kids in the group come to the club and feel the same encouragement as I do. Your prayers certainly wouldn't hurt either!!!!! =]


  1. Merry, I'm glad to hear you like the Olympian book so much and that it's helping you grow in your faith. I really liked it when I was your age too :) Love ya!

  2. Oh, you did it too?!?!? Isn't it great? I'm actually planning to call up a friend and tell her to come, I like it so much =] I miss you so much!!