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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yellow ruffles and pink stripes -Bargain Shopping

I live next to a small city with a couple bakeries and coffee shops, bookstores and a quaint thrift store.  This thrift store is like many others you will find.  After a meager five minutes of sifting through rack after rack of flowered skirts and blazers with shoulder pads, you are already avoiding touching your "contaminated" fingers to your face and trying to get the experience over with.  Well, that's what you do if you're me.  As I'm sure you can tell, thrift shopping in not one of my most pleasured occupations, but I do love finding a good bargain so I let my sisters drag me along for a day of avoiding the rain in a bakery, bookstore and ultimately, Salvation Army.  I must say, I'm proud of my accomplishments.  

What can go wrong with bright yellow and 
ruffles? Some would say a lot can, but I 
disagree.  $9.00 

Old Navy skinny jeans for this Fall. $5.99 

My lovely new (ish) pink and silver sneaks for my 
pathetic running endeavors. I was expecting 
to pay upwards of $30.00 dollars for pair, 
but I forgot about the wonders of thrift stores,
no matter how much hand sanitizer is necessary 
upon exit.  $5.99

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