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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I think it's essential to spread awareness about the truly important things in life. That being said, every person who thinks they know good music should listen to Darlingside. My brother became familiar with their music after seeing them play at a friend's wedding and shortly thereafter, their music made its way into my home. Then came the part where I listened to their music obsessively and fell in love with it. Now, comes the part where I share it with everyone BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING.

Darlingside's website: darlingside.com
The strings in this chorus make me really happy: The Catbird Seat
I've never seen such cool socks in my life: Still music video

Good luck discovering their music. It's a wonderful thing to do. Once you do, come see them live with me on March 3rd at Bennington. 'Cause it's gonna be grand.

P.S. It's not my fault I can't give you direct links to their music on Youtube, blogger is not cooperating.


  1. Hey! This will be the weekend directly after I hear whether or not I got the RA job, so it's perfect! If I get it it will be an amazing way to celebrate, and if not, what better way to cheer me up?

  2. Well ain't that just dandy!! Either way, we will make it the funnest weekend EVER.