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Friday, May 27, 2011

And the peace of God....

As a little girl around the age of seven, I went through a stage where I worried about everything. I worried that I had hurt my friend by giggling when she stubbed her toe, three days after the fact, or that I was sinning all the time and would never know. I worried about anything that could possibly be worried about and more. I would sit on my bed and cry because I felt so overwhelmed by all the things that I couldn't control. I remember one day I fell asleep on the couch and woke up thinking, "Wow, I didn't have to worry that entire nap. I'm going to sleep more."

When I finally found the words to explain to my mom about all the anxiety I felt, my parents taught me two things. They helped me memorize Philippians 4: 6-7. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension, will guard you hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." They also sang "No Condemnation" with me every day. I presented the request for the worried feeling to go away and slowly my relationship with God grew.

But, as I learned that every little annoying thing I do is, in fact, NOT a sin and that I don't need to apologize over and over to my family, I also started to forget Philippians 4: 6-7 and sing "No Condemnation" less and less. As I was listening to "Your Love is Strong" by Jon Foreman today, I started to realize that maybe I need to remind myself to "not be anxious about anything" just as much as I did then. Actually, scratch the maybe, I worry a lot and it's not a God-honoring thing that I want to continue with the complacency I've gotten so used to. The beautiful lyrics reminded me that my Lord's love for me is so strong that He is willing and able to completely vanish the worry, and guard my heart in and my mind in the peace that surpasses all of my understanding.

Heavenly Father
You always amaze me
Let your kingdom come
In my world and in my life
You give me the food I need
To live through the day
And forgive me as I forgive
The people that wronged me
Lead me far from temptation
Deliver me from the evil one

I look out the window
The birds are composing
Not a note is out of tune
Or out of place
I look at the meadow
And stare at the flowers
Better dressed than any girl
On her wedding day

So why do I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need
You know what I need

Chorus (3x):
Your love is
Your love is
Your love is strong

The kingdom of the heavens
Is now advancing
Invade my heart
Invade this broken town
The kingdom of the heavens
Is buried treasure
Will you sell yourself
To buy the one you've found?

Two things you told me
That you are strong
And you love me
Yes, you love me

(Chorus 3x)

Our God in heaven
Hallowed be
Thy name above all names
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us wicked sinners
Lead us far away from our vices
And deliver us from these prisons


  1. Thanks for sharing, Merry Grace. You are beautiful and adored by the King. He is the most perfectly protecting and forgiving Heavenly Father that we could ever ask for. I LOVE watching you grow in Him!

  2. This is wonderful, Merry! You definitely have a future in some form of writing.... : )

  3. Mary, Mary, quite contrary...my mother used to say that to me. And it still fits, and people still ask me how my garden grows! Thanks for your beautiful words of truth. They ministered to me in a special way today. Mary Westcott

  4. You have captured such a huge portion of that which "surpasses all comprehension" (NASB)- God's wonderful peace. To do so is obviously the Spirit's work. Continue to allow Him to bring you understanding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such a beautiful way

  5. Merry, this is excellent writing. Your concrete examples captured the worry and fear, and made it very real. The moment when you woke up from the nap, especially struck me. You were THAT consumed with guilt and fear, that any escape was a relief.
    And then to see how God's truth broke through for you was wonderful, and very encouraging. Keep writing, girlie!

  6. Beautiful Merry....you continue to grow into a beautiful woman of God. I feel honored to know and love you. Keep seeking, girl.
    Lauren Pucci