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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I can't wait til it's over....

Auditions are always a little scary, no matter how confidant a person you are. It's when "they" judge you, and it only makes it worse when "they" are members at your church who you love whole bunches and who you don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of. I consider myself a pretty self-assured person, but when drama auditions roll around, all confidence I have mysteriously vanishes. And now as that time has rolled around, my insides feel like jelly.

Auditions for the straight show -non-musical- made me nervous, but the idea of singing a song and doing a monologue is terrifying. It doesn't really help that my oldest sister is doing a monologue where she screams at her dad and has been practicing it constantly. Incredibly well acted, angry screaming never helps with the calming of ridiculously frazzled nerves. Sista, you doing great, but could you please practice it in a sound proof room? And that doesn't count as the bathroom, as you seem to think. :)

I seem to have not mentioned yet that it's The Sound of Music I'm trying out for. With the song "How do you solve a Problem like Maria". Yup, the song that hits a high F. HA, this is humorous.

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