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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sand on the Side of the Road...

A place with only cold running water, no sink in the bathroom, lumpy mattresses, and sand everywhere... Why then, did I leave the church parking lot screaming "WE'RE GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW"? Because the small camp in the Maine has that restful atmosphere which is soooooo wonderful to take part in!!!!! My mom has gone to this camp in Maine since she was only five years old and ever since then, she's been able to spend time in God's beautiful creation at least once a year, give or take a few times. I can't remember a year when I didn't go with my mom's side of the family for two amazing weeks. Tomorrow, I'm gonna wake up at 5am, pack the car and drive five hours in the cramped family van. It usually isn't awful because my family has fun traditions like when we cross the Maine bridge, we all SCREAM. It's a great way for us all the let out our excitement and energy :) When we're only about 30 minutes from camp, I always notice the sand on the side of the road, the trees that whiz by in a blur of green and the pine scent that I love so much. When we get to the camp road, I climb out with all my siblings and run down towards our cabin screaming. Hehehe, writing about this makes me want to scream with excitement!!!!

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  1. Within this post you use nine exclamation marks and the word scream/screaming four times. I counted. Excited, much? :)