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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A autoiography- Well, sort of!

Just another writing assignment!

The name "Meredith " isn't famous or flowery like Brad Pitt or Tiger-Lily. But, for many that name puts a smile on their face for different reasons. Maybe it's because of what they will always see in their heads when that name comes up, a short brown eyed, blond girl with nothing on but a diaper, coming to the door to say, "I'm Meredith and I can Riverdance. Wanna see me do it?"
That little girl was me and I've changed very dramatically throughout the eight years since then. I am no longer short, I still have brown eyes, my hair has gotten considerably darker and I never wear a diaper. It's not all just the outward things that have changed. I've been growing, maturing and living for eight years since then, so I'm a very different person. In some ways though, I remain the same. I'm still very outgoing, confident, and I Riverdance every so often.
I sit here at the computer desk and talk like I'm an experienced adult who knows all about life. Really, that's all hog-wash! Eleven years seems like a very innocent, far away age to someone who is ninety. To me, it is a very now, not always so entirely innocent time that all jumbles together to make an extremely fun, adventurous place to be at. Some children my might look at me like I'm crazy and say,"What are you talking about? We get no privileges, have to get up early for school, we have to get bossed around by our parents and we have to live with our annoying siblings." Well, I've been raised in just the sort of family that would wipe away any notions like that.
My parents are as "cool" as you can get! My parents have loved me unconditionally since the day of my birth. They have strived (sp?) to be the best, most loving, wisest, funnest parents they could possibly be. Mostly though, they wanted to follow all the rules that God has laid before them as parents and people because they knew that if they did, they would be the said best parents in the whole entire universe. That's the kind of God they follow and have taught me to love and obey.
At only eleven years old, I have millions of amazing memories that are constantly replaying in my head to make me laugh, smile, giggle or shake my head. Imagine all the things I'll be able to ponder, think over and grin at by the time I'm ninety years old! I fully believe that if I follow God with my life and give everything to Him, the good memories and thoughts will far outnumber the bad.

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