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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skiing is canceled, so we party it up!

Yesterday, it was raining pretty hard and all the snow around our house melted away pretty fast. Dad thought that the conditions might be different at the mountain, but turns out they were pretty rough too. So why would we ski on bad slopes when we could just prolong the fun? When we are skiing, Mom goes to the McDonald's play place with my two little sisters and another family that have big siblings who ski. We thought it wouldn't hurt to go as a bigger group and the old fogies would just sit outside the play area and talk. The younger kids and I climbed all over that play place this afternoon! I'm positive every square inch was covered by our fast moving hands and knees! We ended up dragging the three older kids home to watch Enchanted with us. We made shortbread and munched on nuts. I'm actually glad skiing was canceled, I hate thinking about it ending so soon.

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