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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas:

Well, to start off. It was wonderful! I had planned on getting up at 7ish with the kids and hanging out in the big girls room, but turns out I'm more of a pre-teen then I thought. My older sister had to wake me up! After I got dressed, we woke up the boys and trooped down the hall to sing Oh Come all ye Faithful to Mom and Dad (We always carol to them to wake 'em up!). When up and dressed, we opened our stockings. In my stocking was: a pair of ski socks (now that Christmas is gone and out of the way... HERE I COME SKIING!!! :), a camisole, a bag of Werthers caramels, a bag of dried dates, gum and a bra. Then comes breakfast, the bible story and PRESENTS! I got: A Name the Sate book, underwear, hairbands, a pashmina, a necklace and earring set, a Dover Coloring book, a pair of really cute blue earrings, three Nancy Drew books, and a scrapbooking scissor set! After presents Dad set up his flatscreen tv Mom and us kids got him and started watching Finding Nemo, but we got bored so we ate lunch and chilled. It was cool.

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