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Friday, October 16, 2009


The first day of my first ever job went great! Laurel and I got the dusting done first, then she vacced while I cleaned the first bathroom. Next, I mopped the kitchen, swept the dining room, swept the hall, cleaned the stove, changed rugs, and Windexed the porch door. Everything was fairly easy, Laurel and I had fun! Oh wait, except for Kevin's room. That was torture. The dust, the grime, the squalor, the naked statue.... Ugh! (Satisfied, Kevin?)


  1. You crack me up...on a regular basis. Just sayin'

  2. This is willy fweaky! My older sister is taking over my blog! And by that I mean the world!

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just taking over your TIME! Which is worse....