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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Children's Story

Children's Story
One cold, starry, night, Lillian Hutchens was sleeping in her big orange bed. That is, until she awoke because of a scuffling in her nursery. She climbed out of bed and went to find what the cause of the noise was. When Lillie entered her nursery, she found a small mouse eating a snack the cook had prepared but not put away. Lillie was not happy, and if I must tell you, angry. She was about to put our small mouse outside, when she actually stopped and looked at him for the first time. While Lillie Hutchen's was looking at the mouse, she discovered a sorry sight. And this is what it was: a small brown mouse with fur that stuck out in every direction, over sized paws, wilting whiskers, and big, round, chocolate brown eyes. Lillie took pity on the skinny little mouse and discarded the idea of taking the mouse out (for the present at least).
Even though Lillie was only eight, she was a very practical girl and did not believe in beating around the bush. So she said, "It will not do for you to steal the cooks food, for she might hurt you. So, we will make a deal. I shall help you find a warm place to live, and you will not take food or make holes in the walls. Father hates them! I will give you some of my food, also. We will make sure your home is near a supply of food so you can gather and fend for yourself, too. I would hate to see such a gentlemen as you are, turn into a lazy old mouse!"
The little mouse thought this over and then said in a surprisingly deep voice, "That sounds very well thought out and fair. I will shake paws on it. Thank you for being so kind to help me! I really did feel bad about the food, but I had to." Lillie smiled showing the big gap in her teeth. Then she said in a soft voice, "That's alright. You have to eat just like I do." The mouse smiled back. Why, he had just been thinking the very same thing! "Well," said Lillie "My feet are turning to ice so let's shake hands and make it official." They each reached out a hand and a paw and shook hands and paws. The mouse and Lillie were about to disperse, when Lillie exclaimed, "Oh! It must have slipped my mind. I am Lillian Hutchens. What is your name?" "My name? Why I don't have a name!" said the small mouse. "No name?" cried a very disturbed Lillian, her huge violet gray eyes turning round. "What should I call you then? Just plain sir?" Lillie said. "No, no, that just won't do. We must name you. What names do you like?" she asked. "I suppose I've never thought about it before. What names would you suggest?" asked the now very excited mouse. "Well," said Lillie who now also very excited about the naming of her new friend. "What do you think of Jaden?" The little mouse didn't look very content with the name so he said, "Hmmm... That name sounds like it belongs to a knight in shining armor and a big gold sword. I don't quite think it belongs to a small mouse who can't even keep his fur in order." At this, Lillian's whole face transformed into one big, huge, happy smile. And while she was going on with her delighted smile, the mouse discovered the two cutest dimples he had ever seen. But, since the discovery of dimples is of little consequence to this story, I will continue.
"Oh my! I know the perfect one. How do you like Clarence for a name?" "That is perfect!" said our newly named Clarance. Lillian was altogether pleased with the naming of her friend. Although being pleased did not in the least make her teeth stop chattering. "Now, I really must be getting back to bed or I shall catch a cold," said Lillie between the chattering of her teeth. "So goodnight Clarence! Goodnight and goodbye until tomorrow," said she. "And goodnight to you, Lillian." So they parted. Clarance muttering his new name with satisfaction and Lillian chattering until she was positive she would arouse her parents.
They both slept well and were rested and ready for the task of finding Clarence a home. After Lillie ate breakfast, she brought Clarence a piece of bread and a thimble full of milk. While Clarence ate, Lillie went to don some mittens, a scarf, a coat and a pair of boots. After Lillian had gotten dressed, the two went outside into the swirling snowflakes. The next while was spent tromping around in the snow, laughing and a little bit of searching for a house. They juggled the idea of a mailbox, but Clarence did not take kindly to the thought of having mail dumped upon his head. They also considered a shoe, but Clarence was a bigger mouse and that would too confining. They were both getting cold and downhearted when they stumbled upon it. That "it" was an old, gnarled, unnoticed, hollow and big tree. It's branches-which varied in size and shape- stretched far and wide. The trunk was roughly four feet in diameter and the bark that surrounded it a dark brown. To Lille and Clarence, the tree looked like a door to all sorts of fun. They both knew that the lowest branch was to high for Lillian to reach, but they thought that her father could put a rope up. There was another stout strong branch on the west side that would carry a swing perfectly. After the taking in of all this, the two figures ran towards the tree. Once they reached it, Lillie scooped Clarence up in her hands and four eyes were soon peering into the opening. The sight that met those small eyes was a good one indeed! Aside from a small pile of wet leaves, there was nothing offensive about the hollow. In fact, it was a very warm, well lighted and spacious place that Clarence knew he would love.
Lillie reached into the bag of furniture she had brought along, and started placing the small objects in the hole. She put a matchbox in the far right corner and in that, a little homemade blanket. Then, Lillie added a rug and an old doll's rocking char. Clarence-who had been watching from the corner- came and climbed into the chair. Lillie made herself comfortable and rested her chin on the rim of the hollow. Then, they told each other stories, laughed, and talked until Lillian's mother called her home.
The End.

This is a writing project I did last year and I have finally uploaded it onto Google Docs. Reading it over, I saw a lot of stuff I would have changed now, but I tried to keep it as original as possible! Mom's note was: Very good, Merry! Your little siblings will love it. So yeah.... Here it is!


  1. Great story, Mer! It feels like the beginning of something. Keep going with those characters!

  2. Yeah, no. It's really actually bad. I like the characters though!

    P.S. Keep going with those comments! ;D