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Saturday, July 25, 2009

VBS again

VBS went great! For the last skit I was the Bedouin Cook and even though I didn't have any lines, it was allot of fun! Of course practicing the same play about 5 times in a row isn't the best, but for the cast party we had pizza and soda. After that we blasted christian music in the sanctuary and threw loaves of bread at swords. As I said, it was fun.

For the last day the parents came and the kids got a chance to show them what they had learned, etc. Then we did the final closing skit and ate ice cream. VBS was great!


  1. I confess I was not in on the bread throwing, I promise. All I did was take pictures. Honest, Please believe me!
    Love your favoritest,
    Sherry Berry
    or otherwise known as Michelle